Bulldog Beds is offering moving and storage services for this year!!!

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Displayed Image
    • Poster Tube $5.99
    • Art Portfolio $10.99
    • Folding Chair $10.99
    • Garbage Can (S) $10.99
    • Shoe Rack $10.99
    • Lamp $10.99
    • Lacrosse / Hockey Stick $10.99
    • Fan $10.99
    • Microwave $10.99
    • Vacuum / Broom / Swiffer $10.99
    • Garbage Can (L) $14.99
    • Stackable Plastic Bin (20x20x10) $15.99
    • Headboard $15.99
    • Mirror $15.99
    • Mattress Topper $15.99
    • Small-Medium Plastic Bin (<3.5 cubic ft)$16.99
    • Ottoman $15.99
    • Rug $16.99
    • Night Stand $17.99
    • Twin Mattress $17.99
    • Gym Bag $17.99
    • Guitar / Violin $17.99
    • Bulldog Storage Box (24x18x18) $18.99
    • All Other Box or Bin Sizes $18.99
    • Fridge $18.99
    • Suitcase $18.99
    • Duffel Bag $18.99
    • Trunk $18.99
    • Bicycle $18.99
    • Table $18.99
    • Sectional (billed per piece) $18.99
    • Shelves $18.99
    • Cooler $19.99
    • Bean Bag $19.99
    • Television $24.99
    • Mattress or Box Spring $27.99
    • Futon Frame or Mattress (seperately)$29.99
    • Double or Triple Seater Couch $29.99
  • Through our partnership with FedEx we were able to secure the lowest rates possible! Regardless of where you live or where you want your items shipped, we can get it to you!

    Our shipping is priced per item per pound at $2.25 per pound, with a minimum price of $35 per item shipped. Additionally, if your items are shipped more than 1,800 miles away, there is an extra $10 distance surcharge (from FedEx, not us, we promise!).


Have more questions?

Contact us at info@bulldogbeds.co

It’s simple: You register for move-out and secure your spot by paying your $50 registration deposit. We then provide free boxes and tape in the lead-up to move-out. Then, you pack up your belongings, label everything, and our student movers will come by at the time of your choosing and pick up your things. We can store absolutely anything, as long as it’s properly packed – boxes, duffels, plastic bins, furniture, you name it. We store everything in a safe, climate-controlled facility for the summer, and then will re-deliver them to your new dorm room or off-campus apartment upon your arrival back to campus in August! It’s that simple.

The early steps are just like the storage service, where you register by placing your $50 reservation fee and then you will receive free, high-quality boxes for packing your things up. Instead of storing them, we can ship the boxes to your doorstep via FedEx for a flat, per-pound rate.

Note that we can only ship boxes or duffels, per our agreement with FedEx.

We'll provide free boxes and tape about a week before your pickup (while supplies last). Our team will send you a pickup schedule by email, and then set up at convenient locations around campus at various times so you can come grab your supplies. If you need help running your boxes back to your dorm or apartment, just ask our student workers! We will try our best to help you get everything home. Note that if you are unable to pick up boxes but wish to have a friend go in your place, that's no problem!

Absolutely. We’re happy to split orders, as long as you clearly label which items you’d like stored and which you’d like shipped! Many students do this.

We're so glad you asked! We will share our Standard Packing and Labeling Instructions with you in early April, following you placing your reservation. If you have questions in the meantime feel free to reach out at info@bulldogbeds.co

We’re totally used to this, which is why we don’t force you to select a package or anything ahead of time. Our service is totally a-la-carte, so we do not need to know how much you’ll be storing or shipping at the time of signup or anytime before pickup. We’ll simply pick everything up, and charge you according to our pricing list – which you can find above.

We’ve collected a lot of evidence to figure out what one box can hold. Here is what we heard:

“The standard box held 16 pairs of boots and shoes.”

“The standard box fit all my bedding and toiletries (sheets, two comforters, towels and all my pillows!)”

“I was able to put a few lamps, a coffee machine, a fan and some other kitchen supplies all in one standard box.”

“I fit my entire wardrobe into two standard boxes, and I have a ton of clothes! In one box I put around 20 pairs of jeans all my leggings, winter jackets and some sweaters and shirts.”

"The standard box fit my printer, dishes and winter coats!"

Refer to our pricing calculator to build your quote. We highly recommend doing this ahead of pickup, so there are no surprises come billing time!

When you register for storage, you will be charged the $50 deposit fee immediately. After your storage has been picked up and brought to our secure facility or shipped to home, you will be issued an invoice for the service based on the actual amount that you stored or shipped with us.

We will need you to be present and pickup and delivery regardless of whether or not you’re living on or off campus. We’ll schedule convenient times and our student movers will be there at the time and date of your choosing!

Yes! We serve all off-campus housing. Just note that if you are moving into or out of off-campus housing, we’ll need to schedule a convenient pickup or delivery time with you so you can meet our student movers at your door.

Somebody from our team will reach out to you in July to schedule a delivery date and time. Deliveries will be available leading up to the start of school, starting around when the dorms open on campus.

Due to our operational constraints and our student workforce, we are unable to offer midsummer or early deliveries. If you have any questions about this, please do get in touch with us!

Your items will be stored in secure, climate-controlled facilities for the summer. They will never travel more than 50 miles from campus, to reduce transit time and wear and tear.

No! Standard delivery days are always free. The only time we’ll charge for delivery is if you need a special delivery outside of normal operations – and we’ll work this out with you in advance.

We recommend not storing anything that is individually worth more than $500. However, we provide limited insurance coverage of $150.00 per item that is damaged and/or lost due in connection with our Storage & Shipping Services, and $1,000.00 for the entire order. We may, in our sole discretion, and on a case-by-case basis, provide additional reimbursements to students for any damage and/or loss that occurs to their items